Sunday, April 29, 2012

Looking for new shapes and volume...In cautare de forme noi

I have to recognize that I am in a creative U-turn!
I jump from an idea to an other and ...nothing seems to come out right....
A couples good ideas arise from this week work...but I need to   perfect the steps of knotting.
I am spreading myself to thin into to many ideas... and I have to admit that I experiences often creative U-turns! Specially when I finish a piece and  I am looking to create the next one....
All artists do!
As much as talent, the capacity to avoid or  recoup from creative U-turns
distinguished their careers.
Bells bead-design 

My newest creation are  X Large beads ...bells- like  of 7 cm ...The pictures are made in association with my smallest round bead of 1.2 mm... I m planning for a sautoir style  design?! Searching for new STYLE is the most difficult.... mostly we create variations of basic styles....We re-create an existing style , we interpreted sometime , in our own way of working, expression...
The pictures are not so good...Just study: some new ways of knots combination....
With my technique of knotting is more difficult due to uneven size of beads and thickness of the thread.... I have to work each piece a lots of time until the exact step is found.... But this is the beauty... I follow no rules... I AM MAKING THEM!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Searching for new shapes....

I have un obsession for shapes and dimensions!
The knots are my tool and beads and threads are the material that I use. I have to find shapes, forms, motives of different dimensions so I can make a composition, a design.
In this case I had in mind a necklace , with a classic shape but the motives I had to make it in a variety that will have unity, harmony ,contrast, rhythm, balance , proportion and form.
In the search of right forms I have made ...86 pieces- I used 30 for this design and I have motives to other!
The colors that I choose are well coordinated ...but classic... Actually, color not my forte! I work with low quality beads and 3 to 4 mm.... not calibrated I have to choose combination based on availability and best option!
In my technique, thread is a part of design. I used a gold-like thread for motive construction and satin cord for arrangement.

So the result you can see it!

Pending design...

I found in my boards ...the rest of the motives... and I will added here... and still on pending with next design and the girandole earrings.... I am working on volumes and forms now...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Paste Fericit! Happy Easter!


I am in my Easter's break... and since I finished my necklace, I am looking for earrings to match .... I designed a lots of earrings in my career as a fine jewelry designer, but in the new technique of ornamental knots.  I am   searching now... 
I always was attracted to the romantic  designs ... and -The Girandole style- is  the big challenge....
My new project will be on  "The age of Elegance"...the 18th century...

Through out of  time, since I have s lots of materials left  from other projects,  I made some tassels....I love tassels...
Tassels- endless possibilities

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I finish my necklace!

With all the motives on place I start assembling the necklace inspired from the design of an old piece of mine. Very flexible and comfort fit choker type of necklace with dangling knotted beaded-beads .... .
For me the fitting is very important! Every piece of mine has to fit perfect ; to embrace any type of neck size.. The center piece has to drop perfect straight down and has to be free of twisting with the neck movement.In the next pictures you can observe the work progress of assembling.
The attachment of parts-motives are done with the same technique of knotting in mesh pattern.
For each element I use approximate 1.5 m of silver like thread.The necklace contains 35 pieces, plus 3 pieces at the closing; for assembling I used  approximate 4.5 m....The beads are common 4mm seed beads, clear white, light blue and blue color. 
The fastening is provided by a button hole and a small bead-button . The two dropping beads are my signature as far is back closing.
Old necklace 
Start- front side 

Start - back side
Center motives 

Work in progress

Back side  detail
Closing - front side

 Necklace- done

A definite center of interest that sets the character of this design, I hope to assure a unified result.

The necklace is rich, with romantic air and flexible features.

P/S: Personal note: I apologize for the pictures quality.... 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SEARCH - LEARN -SHARE .... my motto ..

Finally I got to decide on the path that I have to go!
From last post  with so many proposals I choose the NR.11 as a direction so ...I had to search more for the right dimensions. Therefore I found one square that will be suitable for attachment diagonal wise and a new oval  that will have the progressive rhythm of color on it. Also the high on the motive is very important The piece has to come smoothly, with no obstruction of unsuitable elements when we look for a composition that unity is to be achieved.Good proportion of the center pieces  are designed accordingly with the Golden Mean- an accepted guide for good proportion -  that I always use.
All elements has to have a simple , but very precise way of attaching them in a whole design.
 All elements are chosen based on all three dimensions: Length, Width and High!
                                                                    Proposal  11 - the start!
Motives created on the searching process...

Motives - as a final components

Solutions  for the up-center
Chosen solution  

High - study - proportions -

Center  elements - ways of attachment

Double progressive rhythm

Dangling elements- progressive size
For me , the comfort of a wearer  is very important! Therefore the assembling will be very important.

With this in mind, more elements have to be constructed : for this necklace I made 54 pieces and used 35 pieces for the final design!

Final lay-out of the necklace before assembling