Thursday, April 5, 2012

I finish my necklace!

With all the motives on place I start assembling the necklace inspired from the design of an old piece of mine. Very flexible and comfort fit choker type of necklace with dangling knotted beaded-beads .... .
For me the fitting is very important! Every piece of mine has to fit perfect ; to embrace any type of neck size.. The center piece has to drop perfect straight down and has to be free of twisting with the neck movement.In the next pictures you can observe the work progress of assembling.
The attachment of parts-motives are done with the same technique of knotting in mesh pattern.
For each element I use approximate 1.5 m of silver like thread.The necklace contains 35 pieces, plus 3 pieces at the closing; for assembling I used  approximate 4.5 m....The beads are common 4mm seed beads, clear white, light blue and blue color. 
The fastening is provided by a button hole and a small bead-button . The two dropping beads are my signature as far is back closing.
Old necklace 
Start- front side 

Start - back side
Center motives 

Work in progress

Back side  detail
Closing - front side

 Necklace- done

A definite center of interest that sets the character of this design, I hope to assure a unified result.

The necklace is rich, with romantic air and flexible features.

P/S: Personal note: I apologize for the pictures quality....