Sunday, April 22, 2012

Searching for new shapes....

I have un obsession for shapes and dimensions!
The knots are my tool and beads and threads are the material that I use. I have to find shapes, forms, motives of different dimensions so I can make a composition, a design.
In this case I had in mind a necklace , with a classic shape but the motives I had to make it in a variety that will have unity, harmony ,contrast, rhythm, balance , proportion and form.
In the search of right forms I have made ...86 pieces- I used 30 for this design and I have motives to other!
The colors that I choose are well coordinated ...but classic... Actually, color not my forte! I work with low quality beads and 3 to 4 mm.... not calibrated I have to choose combination based on availability and best option!
In my technique, thread is a part of design. I used a gold-like thread for motive construction and satin cord for arrangement.

So the result you can see it!

Pending design...

I found in my boards ...the rest of the motives... and I will added here... and still on pending with next design and the girandole earrings.... I am working on volumes and forms now...


  1. Your work is impressive and I am always amazed by it ! Keep up the great work you're doing for i've never seen anything like it !

  2. Super shapes and texture.
    -Eva Maria