Sunday, April 29, 2012

Looking for new shapes and volume...In cautare de forme noi

I have to recognize that I am in a creative U-turn!
I jump from an idea to an other and ...nothing seems to come out right....
A couples good ideas arise from this week work...but I need to   perfect the steps of knotting.
I am spreading myself to thin into to many ideas... and I have to admit that I experiences often creative U-turns! Specially when I finish a piece and  I am looking to create the next one....
All artists do!
As much as talent, the capacity to avoid or  recoup from creative U-turns
distinguished their careers.
Bells bead-design 

My newest creation are  X Large beads ...bells- like  of 7 cm ...The pictures are made in association with my smallest round bead of 1.2 mm... I m planning for a sautoir style  design?! Searching for new STYLE is the most difficult.... mostly we create variations of basic styles....We re-create an existing style , we interpreted sometime , in our own way of working, expression...
The pictures are not so good...Just study: some new ways of knots combination....
With my technique of knotting is more difficult due to uneven size of beads and thickness of the thread.... I have to work each piece a lots of time until the exact step is found.... But this is the beauty... I follow no rules... I AM MAKING THEM!

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