Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SEARCH - LEARN -SHARE .... my motto ..

Finally I got to decide on the path that I have to go!
From last post  with so many proposals I choose the NR.11 as a direction so ...I had to search more for the right dimensions. Therefore I found one square that will be suitable for attachment diagonal wise and a new oval  that will have the progressive rhythm of color on it. Also the high on the motive is very important The piece has to come smoothly, with no obstruction of unsuitable elements when we look for a composition that unity is to be achieved.Good proportion of the center pieces  are designed accordingly with the Golden Mean- an accepted guide for good proportion -  that I always use.
All elements has to have a simple , but very precise way of attaching them in a whole design.
 All elements are chosen based on all three dimensions: Length, Width and High!
                                                                    Proposal  11 - the start!
Motives created on the searching process...

Motives - as a final components

Solutions  for the up-center
Chosen solution  

High - study - proportions -

Center  elements - ways of attachment

Double progressive rhythm

Dangling elements- progressive size
For me , the comfort of a wearer  is very important! Therefore the assembling will be very important.

With this in mind, more elements have to be constructed : for this necklace I made 54 pieces and used 35 pieces for the final design!

Final lay-out of the necklace before assembling

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