Thursday, March 22, 2012

!♔Directory Blogspot♔!: Europe Roumanie

!♔Directory Blogspot♔!: Europe Roumanie
Dear Chris, thank you for your recent comment on my blog and the invitation to participate to!
It is a great idea that you had to put all this blog together! I am sure that I lots of people will join!
Best regards from Romania!


  1. Hello from France
    Thank you for your membership in the directory, I am very happy!
    Your blog is accepted in Romania section
    The creation of this new blog "directory", allow a rapprochement between different countries, knowledge of different cultures and traditions.
    We are fortunate to be on the Blogspot platform that offers the opportunity to speak to the world.
    On the right side of green! you will find the names and countries by Country blogs.
    I realize it existed before because this kind of blog, which alas has disappeared from the Internet
    It's new just since 1 month and if there are improvements to make, I am totally at your disposal
    The more people and more opportunities that will,
    You are in some way the Ambassador of this blog. It is you also have to make known after your contacts and friends in your area of ​​Blog
    The success of this blog, all depends of adherents, also during your next comments with your friends ask them to come in the 'Directory' enclosing the address

    Your blog is in the list and ROMANIA I hope this list will grow very quickly
    Here the image to know the "directory" to your friends to put on your blog

  2. Im inspired with the exceptional and instructive contents that you provide in such short timing.
    Positive Directory

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  4. I have many friends from France and nice to get your hello from there. I would like to share it to my friends. Hope they will find it helpful.

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