Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The research continue...searching for paths of spring

A small collection of beaded beads, large size , that I've made recently... Spring air.... a direction?... Not yet!
Working with knots, in a original plan must be logical and orderly. I have no patterns to follow; I have to DISCOVER them... Trying on error, again and again until a desired shape come out! I have to write down all information; knots that I've used, NR of threads, length,  steps, sequence of ; everything has to come out under my control not by chance....
I have to master the technique so every part, motive, shape, size, trim and functional parts like bails, connections that are incorporated on the design- all can be reproduced  to the smallest detail. For me designing with knots means control, innovation and challenge !
I have to know where I am standing  comparable with the other techniques - what's my strength and my week points.... As I work, knotting every day.... the challenge is moving to ...new combination of knots arise and therefore  more possibilities... the process of knotting  become the focus...not the product!

Large size beads

Tub shape beads 
THE RESEARCH CONTINUE...I have done more motives; the connection and size is very important....I will posted soon!

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